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Olduvai Gorge & Laetoli Footprints

The renowned Olduvai Gorge lies between the great wildlife sanctuaries of Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park. Through excavations of the Leakey family, the Gorge has yielded abundant remains dating back to almost 2 million years.

Early mans existence here is illustrated by the four different kinds of hominids found there show a gradual increase in brain size and in complexity of their stone tools. The guides for the museum also give on-site interpretation of the gorge. Olduvai museum at the gorge is also very useful for information and education, with many specimens, and exhibits.

Laetoli lies 45 kms. south of Olduvai on the northern shores of Lake Eyasi. Discoveries in 1977 by the Leakey’s of early animal and hominid footprints dating back to 3.5 million years, have further strengthened the archaeological importance of the area.


Location of Park or Resesrve Tanzania
Park size350 foot deep gorge
Park ecosystems
Park wildlife
When to visit Year Round
HighlightsOlduvai Museum, educational sessions, view of gorge

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